Pallet Information

In the USA, the most common pallet is the standard 48 x 40 wooden three stringer pallet. Pallets come in different grades, and consist of 4 main grades. Highest grade would be a NEW 48x40 made with all new lumber. Then 3 sub-grades of  48x40 used/reconditioned style. These consist of A1, A regular, and B grade all pallet types are used and reconditioned with varying specifications. Other styles of wooden pallets are custom sized, these can be made new, used of combo style (made with new and used lumber pieces)

We always have loads on the ground ready to supply our customers for quick same day to 24hr service.

STRINGER PALLETS (New & Reconditioned)

The most commonly used pallet in the United States, size 48×40 also known as a GMA pallet. Called a stringer pallet because it has “stringers” which support the unit load.

There are over a hundred styles of Stringer pallets with many variables to consider if special specifications are needed.

  • Number of “Stringers” or deck boards
  • Runners can come 2-way, 4-way or full 4-way entry for lift truck ease
  • Number and size of top and bottom deck boards
  • Optional chambered bottoms for use with pallet jacks
  • 48×40
  • 48×48
  • 48×44
  • 48×42
  • 48×36
  • 44×44
  • 42×42
  • 36×36


4-way entry pallet. Made of solid wood, plywood, or plastic to support heavy loads. Most block style pallets have 9 blocks to support the unit load. 


  • Hand held
  • Machine

Any size, any amount, we will build specification sizes per our customer request.